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The Catering Trailer

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The Catering Trailer
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About The Pizzaman

"The Catering Trailer" We have just completed are newest Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Trailer. At just under 12' Long ( overall it is 14'6")it has everything the Health Dept. requires. This trailer is designed for a one person show, Keeps you out of the weather and in the shade. The Pizza Mamma wanted something to do as well as small enough for one person to set up and tow the trailer. Since I got it licenced she has been working it all the time. Mostly at the Swap meet and two fixed locations as well as a few private partys.    

The Catering Trailer Serving Side
Newest Design one allready in CA

A peek inside
One person can operate

The catering trailer is just short of a fully Mobile unit, all you would have to add is a commercial Hot Water Heater and a 3 compartment sink. It already has all the other requirements